Friday, July 6, 2007

Using eSnailer to send physical mails may be risky

Despite the seemingly indispensability of emails, there is huge section of our population, which still cannot access it and are still dependent upon the paper form of communications.

A new servicee eSnailer seemingly promises to bridge that divide. It allows to send you a letter in the form of paper in an envelope to anyone. The sender has to just fill in the receipient' and sender's name & address and the message in a form provided on their website. And the beutiful part is that this is absolutely free.

But what is the catch.

Yeah, you guessed it right, there is surely a catch. In fact before sending, you are asked to sign up at least two of the available offers from their promoters. It was also bearable, but the saddest part is that eSnailer seems to be having an affiliation with the website MyInsiderDeals, which is rated "very spammy" by McAfee SiteAdvisor. [After signing up at MyInsiderDeals, the SiteAdvisor team received 240 e-mails per week.]

Another important point to be noted on their site is the lack of a privacy policy. This raises a doubt about the real motives of the site. I am not saying that this service is a scam, but this great idea could have done better if taken care of these points.