Wednesday, July 11, 2007

File Shredder | A free webtool to destroy your files completely from PC memory

Hitting "Del" key doesn't delete the files from your disk. It only deletes its directory information so that it is not listed and identified by the operating system. But do you know, there are several softwares available, which can easily retrieve this file, leading to possible misuse of it by some unscrupulous person.

Frightened, you need not. There are many programs available on the Internet, which does the shredding job for you. In fact they usually re-write the target file with a random string of data multiple times and thus make it unusable, even after retrieval.

File Shredder (Download here, 1.5 Mb) is one such program, and it is free. It use five different algorithms to shred the target file into binary pieces.

So next time you want to completely feel secured, use these softwares.