Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OverNight Essay for students

Student life is fun. But that period is tough also. I still remember my school days when there was always a rush to meet the deadlines for the submission of my assignments and term papers. Students used to rush from here to there and there was a last minute panic fro submission.

Thanks, these are not the case anymore. There are many custom writing service available today, which do custom writing for you. They also write College Essay as per your needs.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LinkChecker | Find broken links with this firefox extension

Broken links or missing links are not liked by the Search Engines and the websites having missing links are severly penalized by the Search Engines. So, it is very important that the webmasters constantly search their websites and webpages for the missing links. If your w

ebsite is smaller,

then this task can be easily accomplished by LinkChecker, which is firefox addon, and will ensure you to quickly find the broken or dead links on a webpage.

The link status on the webpage is expressed in different colors as shown below.

red - broken links
yellow - forwarded, forbidden links
green - good links
gray - skipped links*

Kevin A. Freitas, the creator of this popular firefox extension has also created a test page here for you to see its usability.

Nice useful web tool for SEO and web development.

Monday, October 29, 2007

www. dontclick.it | Makes your mouse redundant

I have just come across a very novel website based on an idea, which has the potential of completely changing the way we use the Internet.

Welcome to www.dontclick.it. It is a website, just like any other website with lots of pages and navigation links, but with a totally different approach. You are not required to click anywhere. That's the way the name of this website has been devised.

Go, check it out. It is really a nice experience.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to rename multiple files in windows

Recently I had to upload about 100 photos of my daughter's birthday from my digital camera to the PC. These digital cameras generally give these uploaded pictures an unrecognizable name like DCMZ123 and so on. I wanted to change these to Birthday (1), Birthday (2) and so on.

It semes like it had to be done manually one by one.

But when I searched for an easy method, I came to know this.

Just select all the files at one one go, who are to be renamed, right click and selecet rename. In the dialog box, enter birthday and lo...you are through. All the files are renamed exactly as you have desired.

It is lot more convenient.

Webtools is now PR 4

Today I am a happy lot.

After a wait of six months, Google has finally given this blog a PR rating of 4.

I have expected to get at least 2 or 3, but I must say, I myself was not expecting PR4.

But it is here, and I am happy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FireFTP | Firefox add-on for FTP

File Transfer Protocol, FTP, is the protocol through which a client and a server communicate for the transfer of a file. But the term is loosely used for the software programs which use FTP to transfer the files.

One of the the most popular FTP program today is FileZilla. However it is standalone program, and you have to run it separately. If you wish to have an FTP functionality right within your firefox browser window, than FireFTP is for you. It is firefox add-on and very light weight, just like any other firefox extension, and performs the task quite efficiently, just like your favorite FTP program.

Verify email address

If some unknown person gives you his / her email address and you want to verify whether it is genuine or not before actually sending an email, then what can you do.

One method is to send an actual email to him and wait for the response. If it gets bounced then it is fake, otherwise genuine.

But that is not a fool-proof method.

Better is that you head for this cool webtool to verify the email address here.

Caution: But I will not advice you to use this service, because the credentials of the company are not yet verified, and there may be chances that they are collecting the email addresses and may spam them in some way or the other at a later date.