Thursday, July 5, 2007 | Online Pc and Mac games

I have a six years old school going daughter, who is very fascinated to work on my laptop. Whenever she sees me on it, she tries to lay her hand over it and I have also started to teach her the basics of the cyber world. During this process, one thing I have noticed that the computer games, both online and offline, are a great way of learning basic skills. The basic skills on working on computers require good hand-eye coordination, which we, the grown up people, do not realize, because we are accustomed to it. But see a child working on a computer and you will understand the importance of what I am saying. In this situation, computer games are very efficient tools to let them master this skills, because they require excellent degree of coordination and at the same time keep their interest alive.

So, while searching for the good computer online games, specially
mahjong, I came across with this excellent website,, which is a relatively new company based in Burgundy, France offering entertainment products.

The PC games are available on both platforms; you can find here PC games as well as Mac Games. One example of a great Mac game is mac solitaire. So, whichever is the type of your machine, you can always enjoy the excellent Kids games from Midori.

Midori offers the purchase of softwares and games both online and offline. They say that their online payment system is
powered by Plimus, a trusted and secure online payment system that uses industry standard encryption, and thus all your personal information, is safe if you chose the online payment method.

If you don't want to do that, then you can print an order form, available online on the website and send the money alongwith your order to receive the games and software.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.