Saturday, July 7, 2007

A blog review | Plastic Sergery News

Of late, this blog has been requested with many requests for writing a sponsored post on Plastic Surgery related services. I know, this is not included in the basic theme of my blog, but these sponsored posts are a way of earning money for this blog, so I have accepted this offer as well.

In fact this post is about a blog itself about the Plastic Surgery News, the purpose of which is to provide you with the latest news and trends regarding plastic surgery so as to enable you to make an informed choice. This cosmetic surgery blog also provides you information about a tummy tuck as well.

The content is good, article are informative, but there seems not many articles available. But one important thing, which I didn't link much on their blog was the absence of proper navigation tools. The only choice for you is to read every article page-by-page. There are no labels or categories for giving you an easy access to the content you desire. You can only find an "Archive" link on the Homepage, which takes you to a page, on which only four months are shown, and nothing else.

These shortcomings should be addressed by the promoters of the blog to give easy access to the readers.

Although this is a fact that this blog is not having years of experience behind it (The first entry on the blog dates back to 6th of April 2007), but the contents are good and seems to be written by a person, which can safely be considered to be an expertise in his field.

So, if you are a person on the look-out of a place to get more know how on the subject before going for a operation or procedure, or just out of curiosity, I will definitely recommend you to at least have a visit to this blog, You might have a face a bit difficulty in going through the entire content, but it will surely be a rewarding read. This site will surely help you a great deal in evaluating the pros and cons of all your options before going for a surgery in this area.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.