Sunday, July 15, 2007

SiteAdvisor | Get pre-warning about malicious sites with this firefox add-on

Are you concern about the security of your systems. No we are not talking about the viruses, but the spywares and identity theft scripts.

Although there are many programs and scripts, which clean your systems, but most of them are post-facto. They operate, when you are infected.

One of the programs, which give you a pre-warning, i.e. warning before getting attacked by a malicious site, is SiteAdvisor. This plug-in performs a background check on the Web sites you visit and raises a flag, whenever you visit a dubious looking site. It also gives you a warning icon next to potentially dangerous results from popular search engines, along with an icon in your status bar that shows the risks and annoyances associated with the page you're viewing.

SiteAdvisor was founded in April 2005 by a group of MIT engineers who wanted to make the Web safer for their family and friends. The pro version of this McAfee service adds features such as e-mail and IM link checking for $20 per year.

The free version is available for download at PCWorld.