Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top Gear Vs Formula1 Game

Despite many ills and criticism, Sponsored blogging has its own advantages. Because if this, you the reader as well as I the blogger, get to know various new things, which may not be of direct interest to us.

One such thing is racing car. I was never much interested in them, but this assignment, wherein I was asked to write a post on Top Gear, made to look and search various resources on motoring industry and this added to my little knowledge about this field.

Top Gear is one of the UK’s premier motoring website, which offers you daily Motoring News, besides a lot of information on reviews of various cars, auto games and a huge database of new and Used Cars which you can buy or sell online.

They also offer you addictive flash game, Top Gear Vs Formula One. In this game you are given a choice to choose from a list of players below:

After that you have to answer a few questions related to auto industry. Answer as many Top Gear and Formula One related questions in the quickest time possible. The more questions you answer correctly in the quickest time, the higher your score will be. But one thing is sure, to answer the maximum questions you have to have knowledge about this world, and for this you are again referred back to the Motoring News section of this website.

If you are a auto fan, this unique website also offers you download from a host of free wallpapers and screensavers, which can really vrooooom your desktop. These are also categorized in to different sections like most downloaded as well as most popular.

Their distribution channel is also very huge. For every make or manufacturer there is a list of the dealers available right there on the website, where you can deal if you are interested in the purchase of used cars.

One important thing, which I often look out for while reviewing an e-commerce site is the section which details the terms and conditions and the other section which details about their privacy policy. This website has both of them in clear and no uncertain terms, and thus adds value and faith into them.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.