Monday, July 9, 2007

Russian Dating Site

There are many people in the west with a craze for Russian brides or Ukranian Brides. Why ?

Because it is said about Russian ladies that they like to look pretty. They like to dress well. They are concerned about their weight, their hair and how they present themselves. It is believed that their overall attitude about themselves is feminine.

But there are lots and lots on information about the Russian dating scams and how people have been cheated just because of this craze.

But, there is st least one site, which is not a scam. We are talking about

This site has a lot of services on offer. here you can genuinely find a date, browse through their latest portfoilos, talk with them, send SMSs or flowers or gifts and they can even assists you in organizing a meeting.

True to their reputation, they also have a Search dating scammers guide, which assist you in searching, which dating sites are scam and whcih are genuine.

They also have a section, in which the story, which is reportedly a coverage done by BBC of them, is presented.

If you are interested you can contact them on their US toll free number 1-800-680-0832 or, alternateively, international callers can dial their number +7-8435-439839.