Monday, July 16, 2007

Another way to determine hex code of a color / pixel

Many times webmasters and bloggers need to know the hex and RGB color codes of a particular shade of a color. There are many ways to do that. Some like ColorCop, ColorPicker and another tool have already been discussed in this blog.

Now we found yet another cool free webtool, which directly copies the hex color code of a pixel to your clipboard, from where you can paste it to anywhere. The task made more easy. You have to follow these steps.

1. Download (485kb) Instant EyeDropper and install it.
2. Run it.
3. Move your mouse pointer to its icon in the system tray.

Instant EyeDropper
4. Press and hold the left mouse button. Holding it, move your mouse pointer to the target pixel.
5. Release the mouse button.

Instant EyeDropperThat's it. The clipboard now contains the color code - in HTML format