What this all mean to the user. The hapless creature is often found gasping to search and focus on the actual content on the page.

Here are a few tips to keep these annoying ads away from you.

1. For pop-ups / unders
Its easy. Your browser itself can take care of it. You have just to set the correct option. For example Firefox Mozilla 2.0 has the option here at Tools>Options>Contents. You can also set exceptions for the sites for which you want to allowing pop-up.

2. For Malware causing pop-ups:
You may still occasionally see pop-ups even after step 1. This is due to some Malware hidden in your computer. For htem you may have to use some removal kit like Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy.

3. And for others

For Firefox...use the free ad-on Adblock-Plus. Click Mozilla Blog for more information

For Internet Explorer...upgrade to IE7Pro, which not only has ad-blocking feature, but also provides you tab-browsing etc.