Sunday, July 8, 2007

How to run Internet Explorer 7 with 6 on the same PC

Fellow bloggers, will agree about how important it is to check the appearance of your blog / site on all popular blogs, because it seldom happens that a site looks perfectly ok in all the popular browsers.

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 a long way back and now it has already gained a decent market share of the hot browsers market. But with it, the problems of website designers and bloggers increase, because now they have one more browser on which they have to check and test their site for its appearance. The problems becomes compounded given the fact the installation of IE7 washes IE6 from your PC and you need two different PCs, if you want to see the results on both IE7 and IE6. So, is there any solution ?Fortunately, there is.

And the solution is a third party installer named as Multiple-IE, which allows you to keep multiple versions of the same browsers on the same machine. Easy, isn't it ?