Tuesday, July 3, 2007

BackupReview.info | Your guide to choose best Online backup and storage service

Online backup basically is backing up your data on web.

Generally it requires users to download a small application through which they can upload their chosen files to the offsite server regularly and automatically.

To access these stored files the user have to use the application. This service is generally provided for a fee varying with the amount and type of data you want to store.

Now, there are hundreds of such services, each claiming itself to be the best in town. How do you choose the most suited to your requirements. Thanks, there is a site, which helps you to do that.

BackupReview.info, established in 2004, contains a superb collection of information on backup services around the globe. They maintain a dynamically updated Top 25 list (although they don’t say how that’s calculated), articles and reviews. Over 400 backup services are analyzed and listed.

Backupreview.comIt is a very good starting point to choose the best suited storage service for your needs.