Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hoax your near ones with HoaxMail

Did you ever wanted to hoax your friends or relatives with a mail or SMS from someone else.

Hoaxmail provides you a free and really simple service that allows to anonymously send spoof email and SMS messages to anyone from any name/number - no matter what country you live in!
HoaxmailBut be warned: Your IP address is added to the headers of every email you send, and as well as this we log numerous pieces of data regarding the real sender of the email. This is essential to ensure the service is not misused.

Other features:

  • No Limits : Choose exactly who you want your email to appear from.
  • Easy: Just fill in a few boxes and press send.
  • Receive Replies: Receive replies to your emails in your own personal inbox, your victim will never know.
  • Set a Time Delay: Allows you to 'queue' an email to be sent later.
  • Advanced Options: Allows you to insert images, set font colours, make text bold or underlined and lots more.

So, join the fun, but don't abuse. You can be caught easily.