Thursday, July 12, 2007

OneDump | Yet another file hosting and sharing service

OneDump is yet another file storage site, where you can host any of your image, text. audio, video file. The space is unlimited, but you can upload at most 10 files at a time each restricted to maximum 5 Mb.

But why, why do we need just another file hosting service, when there already are plenty of them like DivShare, RapidShare, AllYouCanUpload, Flickr and many more. How they are going to sell their services.

On this, OneDump claims that it offers a straight-forward solution that makes uploading and “sharing files easy as never before”. You actually don't need to register rwith them. Go to their homepage, upload a file, and that is it. You will be provided the link, which you can use or share. They also provide the facility to upload files through emails to the registered members.

But if you want to avail other services like folders, slideshows, and an easy interface to upload and manage your stuff, you will have to register with them.

The important part is that they are also planning to allow file uploading through cellphones.