Sunday, June 17, 2007

Save Money with these 20 Firefox add-ons

Add-ons and extensions of Firefox, developed by third party make it so popular. This blog has already published many posts on Firefox add-ons like Searchstatus, CoolIris, Firefox Showcase, pdf Download, Joey, Fasterfox, Answers and IE Tab.

But do you know that Firefox add-ons are a great way to save your money also. How...?
Recently, SavingAdvice has compiled a great and very useful list of 20 useful firefox add-ons for the same. The list is categorized into following categories.

  • Cell Phone Minute Minders (3 add-ons)
  • Grocery List Generator (1 add-on)
  • Product Price Comparison (5 add-ons)
  • Mailable Browser Tabs (1 add-on)
  • Customizable Charts (1 add-on)
  • Travel Price Comparison (2 add-ons)
  • Deal Alerts (3 add-ons)
  • Local Deal Finder (1 add-on)
  • Be an eBay Sniper (1 add-on)
  • Save Money by Saving Time! (2 add-ons)
You can check out this list here.