Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The week that was (1) | My 4 beloved postings

I have been blogging for more than about one and a half month and learnt a lot in this period. One of the basic things I noted that many of your posts, which you think are a gem, go unnoticed sometimes. One method of bringing them to limelight again is to revisit them after some time, especially those which are still relevant.

With this view, I am starting a series of posts, in which I will choose my 4 posts from a week in the previous month.

Here are my picks from Week 3 of May 2005.

  1. Free webtools: Firefox add-on for webpage acess through Cellphones

  2. Free webtools search: Synchronize Google Calendar with cellphone

  3. Free webtools: Control remote computer from your desktop

  4. Free webtools: Speed up Mozilla firefox

Visit them.