Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Come to The Fruit Company for online fruite purchase

Do you like cherries, fresh ripe sweet cherries. Or you know somebody among your relatives or friends who is obsessed with them. Which one ? Dark Colossal Cherries or Rainier Cherries....or both?

In any case, come to The Fruit Company, which specializes in sending fruits, the delicious ripe fruits to your chosen destination. See the varieties on offer. A basket of Dark Colossal Cherries containing 2lbs. of pure delicacies costs you around $36.95. The shipping and packaging is done free of cost. The other variety Rainier Cherry is shipped for just $54.95 and if you want to get a mix of two you have to shell out $46.95. The deep mahogany color of our Dark Colossals show up nicely along side the blushing color of our Rainiers. Both are firm, sweet and guaranteed to arrive fresh and cool.

If you think 2 lbs is a too less for you, you can choose either a 3 lbs or 5 lbs box.

However, there is an important announcement,
Cherries will not ship until July! Shopping Cart delivery dates do not apply.

About the company

The Fruit Company is the result of an idea, conceived 57 years ago, by Roy Webster, promoted by his son Wayne, and launched by his grandsons Scott and Addison Webster. The idea is simply to deliver the best-tasting pears in the world directly to the consumer's doorstep, ripe and ready to eat.

We hope you enjoy their fruit and food gifts.

If you want to browse the complete catalog, in which a wide array of option to choose from are given, you can, Click here.

They also have a robust Customer Service Centre:
Toll Free No.: 1-800-387-3100
Email: ask@thefruitcompany.com

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.