Sunday, June 10, 2007

Roam4free: A great tool for saving mobile roaming charges

If you are a frequent traveller to abroad and always worried about your cellphone charges while on roaming, here is a good news.With the newly launched (well it was launched in the beginning of this year) service Roam4free you can buy cheap roaming access on their mobile phones. For this you have to buy a Roam4Free SIM card, which enables users to receive calls for free in over 65 countries. They claim that this way you can easily get upto 90% discount on standard rates. You can use this in over 115 countries. It is said that it operates "on most mobile phones and virtually any network across the globe."

A Roam4free SIM costs €20, which includes €5 of calling credit. The SIM card can be obtained from several affiliate sites listed on their website.

Incidentally, they also operate a similar service for landlines phones named as