Friday, June 8, 2007

Free Webtools: Block websites from children

Blue Coat Systems has recently released a product called K9 Web Protection, which filters the content displayed on your PC in a organized manner. The product is lightweight, simple, and can help protect your family.

The filtering process can be customized in different ways.
  • Through predefined categories: Categories are grouped into three main groups (commonly blocked categories, other categories and unrated web pages). You can choose either / all of them or can choose one or more categories selectively.
  • Through Keywords: Although it is probably the best method, but sometimes is misleading, e.g. a website like may get blocked if you use filtering based on keyword 'sex'.
Lastly, you can determine how you are alerted when a site is blocked and the action to be taken.
The reports are generated in a nice and easily readable format.