Saturday, June 30, 2007

FullerScreen | Hide your toolbars and status bar with this Mozilla Firefox add-on

We all have used the slide-show mode of Powerpoint to make the desktop full-screen. But can the browsers do that. Off-course yes, if you are using Firefox, the versatile net browser. This feature is specially useful in case you are making a presentation.

Fuller Screen | Firefox add-onYou need to download this firefox add-on and just have to press the F11 key to toggle full screen mode and normal mode. Or alternatively, you can click a special button on the extreme right of your status bar to go full screen. To return to the normal mode, just scroll your mouse to the bottom, the status bar will appear and you can easily click the normal mode button.

It also provides a slide show feature which, if you are willing to mess about with CSS and HTML a fair bit, will give you basic Powerpoint type functionality from within the browser. Quite smart.