Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Earn money with Bloggerwave

Ever since I started taking up Sponsored post assignments on this blog, I had heard many rumours about Bloggerwave that it is a scam and it has some payment issues with paypal.

But I had been with Bloggerwave all through this, with the result that a few days back I received my first payment from Bloggerwave, see below. It is a payment of $6.0, which got credited to my paypal account on 15th June.

For the beginners, I must say that Bloggerwave was launched in March 2007 and provides bloggers with a great way to earn an extra income. Advertisers, who want to spread a word about their products and also get links to their websites for getting better pageranks, contact Bloggerwave, who provides an opportunity to the bloggers registered with it to write about the advertisers' products and services for a fee. this fee typically range from $6 or more.

If you have not yet joined Bloggerwave, you can join them here.