Saturday, June 23, 2007

FactSpotter | A new context based Search Engine from Xerox

If you are fed up with the process of choosing different sets of keywords in Google to get your desired results, here comes factSpotter, the Xerox's new context based semantic oriented search engine, which is now in Beta.

What does it mean: Present Search Engines including Google work on keywords. e.g. if you search for parade ground, it will also give you results like naked parade of models to baseball grounds in US. Both of which are of no use to you. But FactSpotter proposes to be intelligent enough to go much deeper into the context of the result pages to bring you only the relevant pages.

Xerox Press Release says...

  • What it is: New Xerox text mining software for service offerings is discriminating, smart and easy to use.
  • How it's different: Takes ordinary search to the next level by digging into more documents, analyzing meaning of words and context, accepting queries in everyday language.
  • Why it matters: Makes it easy to retrieve information from massive data bases in legal cases, fraud detection, drug discovery, risk management, and more.