Friday, June 29, 2007

Celebking | The prince of Celebrity videos

Recently, I got an offer to review the unique adult site CelebKings, which specializes in short clips of leading actresses, taken mainly from hollywood films. Interestingly, they give you a free temporary password for reviewing, off-course on paid basis, their members area.

I found a staggering numbers of titles there; all were great celebrities, quality video clips and movie titles. All in all, there are 7,121 video clips and 1,545 movie of as many as 2,193 top celebrities.

What I liked most

  • Categorization: Finding a particular clip or celebrity is very easy. You can choose your desired clip in several ways. You can see their alphabetic listing by Celebrity names, you can see the listing by Movie name, You can see only blondes / brunettes or busty if you so desire ; see their main menu, it is really user-friendly.
  • Description: Each video clip has a description including a profile of the actress.
  • Quality: The speed of download seems to be a bit slower as compared to YouTube, but the quality is far far superior.

The movies can be used in different formats. You can play it online in flash format or alternatively can download it to play through your windows media application, apple quicktime or ipod video.

However, one particular thing, which I noted is that the clips were short, very short - most of them being 1-3 minutes, part and were really just like snippets taken from larger movie.

All in all, I would not say that it is the best celebrity sex video site, but it is definitely worth consideration, if you have such taste.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.