Friday, June 22, 2007 | an online shopping website for notebooks and computers

It appears that, Yes, I am right, it is and not, is a just some sort of a gateway to search for the articles listed on ebay. The articles are only computers related. On the left sidebar of the website, you will find a list of about 25-30 links, clicking on which opens a list of the laptops and notebooks in ebay related to that keyword.

The search results can be arranged in any of the four choices like decreasing or increasing prices and two others based upon the time to expire the bidding at ebay.

The same search results are given by a drop down list given at the top of the page. No significant differences are there in the two. seems to be a totally new site. When I tried to search for in Blog Search of Google, I could not find any entry. Even a regular google search returned only 14 entries.

The website also doesn't seem to be properly designed. There is a Sitemap link on the top, but there is virtually no sitemap found if you click on it.

There is a link to Richmond Computers in the Sponsored Links section, apperantly based in Canada, which also has the same design as

The site seems to be eyeing the traffic generated with the misspelled words during the search by people. That is the only reason I could understand for somebody to name the website as

Although I am not very hopeful, but I wish them all success for the future. The anchor text of the website, to which I have been asked to kick with this site is notenook 2007-06-15.

Check the website, if you want to.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.