Sunday, April 29, 2007

Use Internet Explorer within Firefox

Every serious blogger, at one time or other, has to tweak with his template and whenever you do so, it is suggested that you should check it in all available and prevalent browsers, especially Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Now a die-hard fan like me finds it very irritating to open IE, just for this purpose. Then this convenient Fire-fox add-on (IE Tab) comes to my rescue. It is a superb attempt by Mozilla to be one-up against the competition.
The First screenshot shows the area around my system tray. A left-click on the IE icon changes the currently open tab into Firefox (and then this IE icon changes to Firefox icon). To open it into IE, now I have to left-click at the same spot (where now a Firefox icon is available). i.e. it acts like a toggle switch.
The second screen shot is of the open tabs, where an IE icon confirms that the tab, although open in Firefox, but actually is currently using IE platform.
The third shot is of the download site, where you can download the IE Tab add-on.
It is a highly recommended add-on for all Firefox lovers, who are forced to live with IE. Thums-up Firefox.