Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Where do you keep your Mobile

Where do you keep your mobile ? In your front pocket, hip-pocket, belt pouch or bag ?

There has been an interesting study, for NOKIA, on this issue. The key findings are...

Street surveys, 2003 - 2006

  • 60% of men keep it in their front-right trouser pocket.
  • 61% of women carry it in a bag…and therefore miss many calls and messages!
  • With increase in age, men shift it from pockets to belt pouches
Complete Story.

However, if women don't want to miss calls and messages, just because the mobile is in their purse or bag, they can pick one beautiful trinkets (from a series provided by PhoneFlasher, sample below),


which will clip to the outside of their purse and whenever a call or text message comes in, the PhoneFlasher wirelessly picks up the signal and puts on a mini light show.

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