Monday, May 7, 2007

VoIP: Basics of Internet Telephony

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It is strange world.

Did you hear one say that Mobiles are eating computers. I mean.........Nowadays Mobiles are developing functionalities to replace computers.

But it is also true that computers are also charging back on telephony devices. Isn't it what the VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol all about.

Now with the availability of more and more Internet Bandwidth, VoIP is set to come in a big way to replace normal telephony. Let me give a few practical aspects of VoIP.

The Software: We all know Skype is the KING. Or use Windows Live Messenger / Yahoo Messenger. They are free.

The Device: Off-course your computer with Head-set.

Alternative Device: If you don't like head-set - use the VoIP phone. It plugs into your computer through USB. But nevertheless, your computer has to be ON. If you want to cut that cord - wireless VoIP phones are also available.

Connectivity: The fast Internet connection, preferably Broadband for any meaningful conversation.

Speed: In ADSL broadband, the upload speed is much slower than download speed, which works fine for computers. But for VoIP both speeds matter. But still a 256/64 kbps (256 download and 64 upload) speed is fine.

Video: Don't think to on your webcam unless you are on 512/128 kbps connection.

ISP Plan: With a large monthly download limit (may be upto 3GB).

Recommendation: If you have a slow connection go foe Windows Live Messenger. But for faster connections, definitely Skype.

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