Saturday, May 5, 2007

Blackberry Curve: New Mobile smartphone released

Research In Motion (RIM) and Rogers Wireless (Telecom Oerator) today launched BlackBerry® Curve™ smartphone - the smallest and lightest full QWERTY BlackBerry handset. Checkout the detailed specifications at the Blackberry website.

For starters - Blackberry is the properitory technology, which allows Mobile Phone users to access to smartly access their

  • Emails
  • Corporate Data
  • IM (Instant Messages)
  • Internet (also Intranet)
  • MMS / SMS
  • Organizer

So what is the big deal. Many Mobile Phones now allow this.

But Blackberry is different. In Blackberry whenever you send emails or access other corporate facilities, data propagates through public network, then through your protected corporate firewall, and lastly through the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, to your internal corporate systems. So the data is secured.

This is one of the features of Blackberry. For details, you can go to Blackberry website or contact RIM.

It is being expected that the new Blackberry smartphone will be available through wireless carriers across the world soon. AT&T is slated to provide it in US in spring this year. In India, it is expected to be available later this year.

At this moment, I was thinking of another news bit at Softpedia, which reported that Nokia unveils some of the least-expensive handsets in its lineup.

Surely, the mobile explosion in India is spreading in all directions.

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