Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free Webtools: Five great webtools for Keyword Research

Every webmaster understands the importance of keyword. Keywords, who drive the traffic to your site through Search Engines. Here is a list of five great free webtools for your Keyword Research.

  1. Overture: It gives a fast analysis of popular keywords being searched and also finds keywords related to your term. It also gives an estimations of last month's search figure for a particular keyword.
  2. Good Keywords:It uses various tools provided by search engines like the Overture Search Suggestion Tool, Search Engines Like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask and other services like Alexa. Additionally, it can also be used for meta tag creation. However it has to be downloaded (just about 500 KB) and run over your machine.
  3. Webmasterautomation: It gives you a list related keyword phrases from Google and also provides how many pages are related to a given keyword in all major search engines. Additionally you can also use it for displaying Link Popularity and Meta Keywords.
  4. Wordtracker: For a given keyword, it generates a list of related items from thesaurus and for each of that it produces the related keywords used by differnet people in different search engines. he most imporatant aspect is competition analysis. For every keyword, it calculates the number of competing sites and then generates a Keyword Effectiveness Index, KEI, If KEI is between 10-100 then that is a good keyword to use and if more than 100, this means people are searching for this keyword but there is literally no competition. It is just like free money on the table, grab it.
  5. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: It gives results are from the Overture keyword suggestion tool but still provides more information.

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