Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free Webtools: Safeguard your data with laptoplock

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Most of us, using laptops are concerned with the potential misuse of important data, in case the laptop gets stolen or lost.

With the help of Laptoplock, a simple yet effective free webtool, you can still access your lost laptop and delete / encrypt sensitive files so as to avoid their misuse.

For this you have to register your laptop with laptoplock, which installs a code in your machine. If your laptop gets stolen, you have to report it at the website. After that, whenever that laptop gets hooked onto the web, the laptop takes specific actions like encrypting / deleting your sensitive files, which you had marked beforehand.

Even if the laptop is not hooked to web, it could ask the user to verify their identity by asking for a password.

The service is presently free. The FAQ are available here.