Saturday, May 26, 2007

How to write 51 posts in 31 days

Ooh, How pleasing.

This blog yesterday turned one month old.

And I was able to produce 50 posts in this period. Two milestones in one day,!!

This has really been a wonderful journey. First few days were devoted to template, next few on gathering resources and collecting feeds. I have only recently been able to concentrate on content.

Site stats: (they are encouraging for me)

  • Technorati Rank of 1,17,159 (Authority 42) from 30,00,000 something
  • Alexa Rank of 12,21,267 from a freighting 50,00,000 something

In this period I have come across several blogs, some outstanding, some huge, some novices, some techies, all sorts of them. And really have learnt a lot from them. Thanks all of them.

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