Friday, May 25, 2007

Webtools' list of five expensive softwares you don't really need

Softwares are costly. It takes lots of bucks to purchase software like Office, Nero, Photoshop, Norton Anti-virus.

But do you know that you can get most of their features just without spending a single penny. No...No, I am talking about their pirated versions. It is about freeware.

What....did somebody say that they are too naive and featureless. C'mon, check these freewares.

They can do most of the functions as their big costly cousins. Let's list the five most useful freeware applications for your download.

1. OpenOffice 2 (Replacement of the mighty MS Office)

  • Same looks as MS Office
  • Includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, database and drawing applications.
  • Even available for Mac and Linux platforms - a feature not available with MS Office.

2. PrimoPDF 3.0 (Replacement of the mighty Adobe Professional)

  • Easily converts your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, newsletters and brochures into PDF files
  • No promotional footers or watermarks.
  • Consumes less resources of your PC

3. Paint.NET 3 (Replacement of the mighty Adobe Professional)

  • Availability of professional tools such as layers, unlimited undo etc.
  • Easy use of advanced features like gradients and transparencies, curves and image-enhancement effects.

4. GIMP 2.2 (Another replacement of Adobe Professional)

  • Open Source architecture
  • Available for Mac and Linux also

5. CDBurnerXP Pro 3 (Replacement of Nero)

  • Easily burns CDs and DVDs, creates bootable discs, handles data image files, rips audio CDs and can print simple case and sleeve covers for audio and data discs.

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