Friday, May 4, 2007

Today's Blog Review:

Shashank, nicknamed as the Irresistible guy at, has started an experiment in which he proposes to give away free backlink to anybody who reviews his blog.

As a new blogger, although i don't fulfill his condition of one month old blog, buthave decided to write few lines., the blog at which Shashank scribes, is just about 3 months old. The first post was written on Feb. 2 this year and Techlivez has already grabbed a PageRank of 5. This is really a remarkable achievement.

In this journey of about 3 months, Shashank has authored about 125 posts (average 1.3 per day), which is a decent one. Most of his posts are about latest technology news and future technology updates. One remarkable point to note about his blog is his tremendous improvement in writing style and content selection over time. If you look at his earlier day posts, they look like a StumbleUpon product. You will not find a definite direction or purpose. But now, it is vastly improved.

I wouldn't say that it is a must for everyone to subscribe, but definitely worth consideration as I myself am one of the subscribers.

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