Monday, October 1, 2007

A complete guide to what is social bookmarking (Part I)

The concept of Social bookmarking is probably the fastest growing idea in today's cyber world. social Bookmarking allows Internet users to store, organize, share and search for the webpages of their choice. Users save links of pages they want to remember, at a convenient location. No need to remember them or clutter your browser's window.

These bookmarks may be private or public, which can also be seen by others. The users can browse through them chronologically, by category or tags, via a search engine, or even randomly. The biggest reason for the popularity of these bookmarking sites is that they are now being used to drive traffic towards your own site or blogs.

Social Bookarking as search tools

At the time of bookmarking, you can tag the web pages with appropriate words, which can later be searched by you as well as other. Today's Social Bookarking has started replacing the traditional methods of searching through search engines like Google and Yahoo.


This system is human based, as against the automated systems of search engines. So, the system is more perfect.

They virtually provide a rating system to the web pages. Bette pages are bookmarked by more people. So, larger no. of bookmarks usually can be associated with better content.


However, this system doesn't have standard set of tags. Also there are spelling mistakes while tagging, no discrimination when words mean more than one thing.

Furthermore, thismethod is susceptible to corruption and collusion. A webpage of a popular blog, with just about average quality of content, is likely to be bookmarked by more people than a page, with excellent content, but hosted on a not so popular website. Spammers also use lots of tags to bookmark their pages, just to gain more visibility.

With this background, we will present here a list of some of social bookmarking site in the coming two post of this series.