Sunday, October 7, 2007

GmailDrive | A useful web tool for using Gmail as your hard disk

Most of us use Gmail, the robust, secure mail service from the big 'G' Google.. which gives us more than 2.5 GM worth of space. But most of this space is remain unutilized as emails generally consume very little space unless heavy files are attached to them.

Have you ever thought of utilizing this space for some productive use.

Gmail Drive, is a useful web tool, which allows you to use this space virtually as if it was available on your hard disk. You can save files, add folders, rename files, search files and delete them through Windows Explorer just like any other file on your computer. And the best part is that, these files are available to you from any other computer, which is connected to the Internet.

GMail Drive actually creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google GMail account.It actually creates a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder.

Caution: But GMail Drive is still an experimental tool and is developed by third party.