Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A complete guide to what is social bookmarking (Part II)

In the first post of this series, we had detailed about the concept of what is social bookmarking and mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of using them as search engines. No we present here a list of some of the popular bookmarking sites. This list is in no particular order and contains some lesser known sites as well.

AllMyFavorites: Here you can create your own page, store bookmarks, share them with your friends and family and access them from anywhere.

Backflip: Gives list of most popular links on the homepage, Easily customizable to give webpages of your interest easily.

BibSonomy: Provides a tag cloud, suggests related tags. Detects duplicate content before submission. Easy navigation , clean site.

BlinkPro.com - for advanced users / researchers, a subscription-based service, and therefore doesn't bombard you with advertising or annoying email marketing

Bluedot.us: Uses tabs for organizing your page, you can import contacts from mail services like GMail and Yahoo.

Connectbeam.com Uses the concept of social bookmarking to enhance the productivity of a corporate entity.

Connotea.org - Allows you to export your library of resources into other programs (like EndNote) or subscribe to an RSS feed of your own or another user's library.

Diigo.com Very convenient to use, just select the portion of the webpage, write on it like you would a piece of paper, share and share it.

Ma.gnolia.com - Contains a discussion facility, where you can share and discuss bookmarks in groups.

Netvouz.com - Facility of password protection, Hotpicks for your most used bookmarks, import/export capabilities, RSS feeds, clean user interface, no advertising. Also available in Swedish!

SocialBookmarking.org - Separate tag clouds for the user and global, blog, avatars etc.

StumbleUpon.com helps you discover great websites. With a single click you can find and share interesting sites recommended by friends and like-mindedpeople. You can feel like channel surfing.

Yahoo! My Web A huge platform, duplication detection system

These social bookmarking sites allow you to add clippings also.

BlinkList.com - allows you to rapidly bookmark, label and comment on any web page. You can even send your saved pages to your blog for wider sharing.

Clipmarks.com - Single up-to-date bookmark set, Complete Privacy, Coolest Management Tools

del.icio.us - One of the biggest social bookmarking platform.

Furl.net - Suggests you the best pages which may interest you. You can save the archives also and can export your bookmarked page as a ZIP file.

RawSugar.com - member-designated tags to refine your search, It can cluster your tags for you based on recommendations by other users.

Simpy.com - It can even detect the links that have changed, distributes your bookmarks via your blog’s RSS.

Spurl.net - You can check out their hot lists, recommends you the suggested links.

Digg.com - The mother of all social bookmarking sites. Most popular. Has the rating system in the form of number of times a link has been dug.

Netscape.com - Now known as Propeller. Earlier was considered a better browser than Internet Explorer, but now is a news aggregator.

Newsvine.com - Allows you to write articles on news events, save links vote, comment and chat on article pages.

Reddit.com - A neat voting system to move your story up or down.

Shoutwire.com Instead of digging a story, here you shout it.

Technorati- the recognized authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs.We help people search for, surface, and organize bloggers and their daily posts

Thoof.com A unique feature is that others can improve your story by editing it or fixing the URL.

Besides these, there are many others, not so popular but good websites.