Saturday, September 29, 2007

WebHuddle | A nice open source application for web conferencing

With the increasing competition in every marketplace, cost cutting is the only option for the companies for increasing their profitability. For this purpose, they employ different approaches and carefully scan every hole, which drains their revenue.

One of the important head of expense in today's organizations is the traveling costs of their employees, which can easily be reduced considerably by employing modern tools of voice and video communication.

WebHuddle is one such application, which just requires a web enabled PC to start your web conferencing session. It overcomes many of the hiccups like high-price to entry, compromised network security, large client downloads, and unreliability, which are usually associated with such online conferencing tools.

The best part is that it is an open source application. It offers you desktop sharing and voice-over-IP which may be useful for larger meetings, where a facilitator has control over the virtual microphone. You can easily record the proceedings of the meeting for record and play them back as per your convenience.

It is currently in beta testing and during this period it is free.