Friday, October 5, 2007

Take notes online with TwitterNotes

Remember the old school days...when we used to remember the things by taking notes. Wasn't that the best way to do / remember things.

The same flexibility is now available with TwitterNotes. With TwitterNotes, you can twit your note, tag it and it will get added to your note list, that all while your are online. The web tool is closely linked to Twitter but they only scan your timeline for notes and copy them into TwitterNote service. There will not be any change to the messages in your Twitter account.

To create a note using Twitter, you just have to write a message and prefix it with a plus sign, like this: + I will write today a post about web tools on taking notes.. And the note will be saved into your account.If you want, you can also tag your notes as per your convenience for better organization.

I like it, a nice web tool.