Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LinkChecker | Find broken links with this firefox extension

Broken links or missing links are not liked by the Search Engines and the websites having missing links are severly penalized by the Search Engines. So, it is very important that the webmasters constantly search their websites and webpages for the missing links. If your w

ebsite is smaller,

then this task can be easily accomplished by LinkChecker, which is firefox addon, and will ensure you to quickly find the broken or dead links on a webpage.

The link status on the webpage is expressed in different colors as shown below.

red - broken links
yellow - forwarded, forbidden links
green - good links
gray - skipped links*

Kevin A. Freitas, the creator of this popular firefox extension has also created a test page here for you to see its usability.

Nice useful web tool for SEO and web development.