Sunday, September 16, 2007

Get your letters, while on the move

If you are travelling frequently, and for long durations, you must be worried many times about the emails reaching your home / office in your absence. No, I am not talking about the e-mails, I am referring to the physical form. Many people take the services of a home-sitter, who collects them and sends them to your place, say, weekly.

But now, you can avail the service of Earth Class Mail, who will receive them on your behalf, open them ,scan the and e-mail them so that you can access them from your current location.

Don't get bothered about the privacy issue. They first scan the unopened mail, which you can see through Internet. And only after getting your approval, open it. If you wish so, they can send it to you unopened also.

It is really a nice idea.

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