Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Speedup Windows XP in Minutes!

Although Windows Vista has slowly started to spread its wings, but still Windows XP is de facto standard of most of the desktop as on date.

As we know XP is a feature-rich OS, but it is pain to find people often complaining about the slowness of their systems running on XP, just because it is more resource sucking.
I just came across a nice tutorial (about 10 beautiful tips) to make your XP lean and thin and speed up my machine.
Why not give them a shot...! Try yourself.

Windows XP

1. Disable extra startup programs

Several items add up to the start up list when you install different software. Such programs are loaded when your system boots and remain in memory (RAM), they also continuously use processor. Here are is what you have to do to make them go away:

  • Goto Start>Run, type "msconfig" > OK.
  • Click startup tab
  • Uncheck all th extra items which are of no use.
  • OK.
  • On restart a dialogue box will appear.
For rest of the tips, Click here